Gabriella Simone
#Droni Amazon
The world of retail is always on the look out for new ways to make sure that customers can be involved and become loyal to the stores they visit. Now more that ever it is now well understood that technology and its latest innovations can be key factors in this constant desire to attract consumers. Technology...
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Stand Cartone
When we think of the stores of the future we necessarily think of a modular place: sustainable, in line with the ever changing needs of consumers and also in line with the new trends of the sector. Nowadays when it comes to creating stores the trend is concentrating on stores which are smaller than they...
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Base in slide C-Mood
A modular yet unique product can be the right move in a market where taylor made solutions are getting more and more valuable. In the flooring sector the new project C-Mood by Original Parquet designed by the architect Paolo Santandrea is definitely in line with this concept. The idea C-Mood is based on is simple...
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Addio pizzo
Addio Pizzo –Bye Bye Pizzo– is a Sicilian non-profit organization of volunteers and its very name symbolizes the purpose of the project. Several and different economical sectors and businessmen are involved with the common goal of fighting the idea of having to pay pizzo. Quite recently I’ve had the chance to visit one of the more...
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Digital Stores
The current market, thanks to the digital era we live in, offers consumers many different ways of shopping. But how does it really work?. Many people have started to visit stores, look at the desired item and then go back home to buy it online where they can find it at a lower price, have more...
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Photo by Gabriella Simone
When we think about coordinated image we often do it in a bi-dimensional way and business cards, letterheads, personalized accessories are all easily recognizable as belonging to the company logo and brand they communicate. But coordinated image is actually much more than this, it is communicating the brand identity  by way of several and different...
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Slide Domino Display
Those of you who regularly read our blog already know how very important digital is for us when it comes to designing new stores. With interactivity it is possible to reach all those people who are always on the look out for information about products and brands. For this reason I find very interesting indeed...
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Beauty stores are living something we might call a small revolution. Cosmetic and make up  shops are changing their appearance in order to look more beautiful and at, the same time, more functional. What has happened? Brands are starting to understand that a key factor, when it comes to purchasing, is a personal experience which...
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9minutes app
The retail world is getting closer and closer and ever more entangled with the one of social networks and also its interaction with consumers and shoppers is becoming more and more prominent; with this in mind a new way of communication, a new free app has been created and launched for smartphones (for now available...
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Slide_Store Tecnologico
In some previous articles we talked about what we comes to our minds when we think about the store of the future; we think of a place that can overcome barriers of communication and languages and, by making use of technological solutions, we think of a store that can interact with its consumers in a...
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