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The retail world is getting closer and closer and ever more entangled with the one of social networks and also its interaction with consumers and shoppers is becoming more and more prominent; with this in mind a new way of communication, a new free app has been created and launched for smartphones (for now available only for iPhone and iPad, for Android it will be ready later on this year). With this app it’s possible to take photos of what we are likely and willing to buy and immediately share them with all our friends to have some feedback from them with their thoughts and opinion on it, and all this within just “9minutes” of course.

In order to make the app easy to handle also for less experienced users, it has been developed to be as user friendly as possible:

  • we take a photo of the item we want to buy, add the name of the shop and other details such as brand and price.
  • post it and find out what our friends and other shoppers make of it.
  • one of the options is to post it on Facebook and get even greater feedback and advice.

But this is not all you can get from the app as with it it’s possible to receive “virtual” discount-vouchers from shops and “flash” promotions.

9minutes is a responsive website, therefore users who don’t have an iPhone can still benefit from its promotions as they can become fans of 9minutes on Facebook and follow the links of what’s on offer on the page.

Definitely a great idea by Marco Moschini and Maurizio Zivelonghi co-founders of the company that deals with the making and marketing of the app.

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For more information: www.9minutesapp.com

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