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The world of retail is always on the look out for new ways to make sure that customers can be involved and become loyal to the stores they visit. Now more that ever it is now well understood that technology and its latest innovations can be key factors in this constant desire to attract consumers. Technology plays, and has been doing so for a while now, an active role when it comes to finding solutions and new ideas for interior design. The use of augmented reality on countless different products, the Internet of Things and 3D printers – which make it possible to create and personalize desired objects and have them right away – are only just some of the tools now available. Technology is prompting the sector to define new spaces and new ways to integrate traditional and innovative stores. With all this in mind it follows that rethinking and reinventing stores layouts becomes a necessity which simply can’t be ignored by new retail centers creators.
Amazon has already started working along these lines, as it is distributing books using drones thus making use of new and innovative distribution and delivery methods. Maybe in the near future successful stores will be the ones which will offer some kind of advanced technology within the store alongside some more traditional retail strategies. 
Understanding all these changes and developments ahead of times will be a key factor to make a shop successful.

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Source: Google/ www.theguardian.com/ 

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