La ‘Bellezza’ si rifà il trucco


Beauty stores are living something we might call a small revolution. Cosmetic and make up  shops are changing their appearance in order to look more beautiful and at, the same time, more functional. What has happened? Brands are starting to understand that a key factor, when it comes to purchasing, is a personal experience which makes customers the unique protagonist of that special moment, thus incrementing sells. A simple display of the product on the shelf and a generalized service offered by shopkeepers and shop assistants with a direct contact with customers is no longer enough: distribution is starting to invest not just in staff’s professionalism, but also in the creation of innovative and personalized places. We are witnessing the creation of a sort of “shop within the shop”, a “window shop” which shows products in a functional way inside the traditional  store and tells the characteristics and the advantages it can offer. Here it all focuses on the clarity of what is on display, in connection with the needs of the customer which become the starting, transition and arrival point.The finished product alone can no longer tell its own story and this is due to the offer which has become and continues to become more and more connected to a specific and diversified sector; in order to attract the attention of the customers’ needs it is essential to take into account the importance of the support of special decor, finishings and furniture which must be extremely thought after and must focus on visual and sensorial communication able to create experiential stimuli. A great example of this “all in the window shop store” is offered by ‘Campomarzio 70’ in Rome, where the choice of a product goes through a smell experience. Campomarzio 70 defines itself as a special and refined place for the spreading of Olfactory Culture. The decor is sober, almost deconstructing the idea of a traditional perfume shop. The need of the customer is the center of the store,everything revolves around this concept as the store is created and shaped around this idea.

Campomarzio70-1Campomarzio70_2 Sephora_RomaSephora-roma
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