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The trend to make a new use of industrial areas no longer in use is an interesting idea which makes it possible to give a new life to a part of the history of a place. An example of this trend can be found in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, birth place of electonic giant...
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Caffe Ludus
I find the idea of Cafè Ludus in New Delhi very interesting indeed as it printed its logo in the plate and thus creates food presentation in plates coordinated with its own logo. Who ever said that a menu should be ‘bidimensional’? Source:
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Who could ever have predicted that in a bar you could actually do the housework or take care of your body? This new concept, designed by Pinkeye, is an interesting formula which shows how private spaces can overlap with public ones. Source: www.
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Pantone_Color 2013
Emerald is the colour chosen for 2013 by Pantone company which, as usual at the start of every year, chooses a colour which will have an influence not just on the world of fashion but also on window shops. Let’s wait and see! Source:
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LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) technology represents the evolution of lightning and is more efficient when it comes to energy saving, as it lasts longer and as it is more sustainable. Moreover, with it it is possible to think of new solutions in its use which integrate the light in our houses, cars, stores and cities. LED...
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Using to the full the entire area (1400 square meters) of what once was a supermarket discount in ex-Jugoslavia, Maja Vidakovic Lalic, Marko Basarovski and Mihajlo Juric, founders of reMiks, have completed their project of a supermarket concept store in Belgrade. This area was designed in a way that could be easily modified and therefore ideal...
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Wall&deco_Firestone Usa
If you are looking for an exclusive solution and a new design to renovate the walls of your store then Wall & Decò Contemporary Wallpaper could be what you need. They do not just have a wide range of choices both for ineterior and exterior walls. They can also offer you personalized creations just for your store....
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Little jewel of Milan fashion week, Bio Ristò is a project by Lucy Salamanca for Alce Nero, it’s a perfect example of sustainable design: chairs and tables made of cardboard (Corvasce), menus made of cotton, bio products. La cucina a vista e le grandi vetrate amplificano il concetto di “open” e le piante aromatiche suggeriscono...
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I bumped almost by chance into a local Santeria in Milan, more then 500 sqare meters surface, with an internal courtyard where shops, a cafè, art and co-working find a perfect location. This is a pleasurable and unusual place where all the different areas are percieved as a continuum and harmonically become as one. The key word both...
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