Addio pizzo

Addio Pizzo –Bye Bye Pizzo– is a Sicilian non-profit organization of volunteers and its very name symbolizes the purpose of the project. Several and different economical sectors and businessmen are involved with the common goal of fighting the idea of having to pay pizzo. Quite recently I’ve had the chance to visit one of the more than 900 stores and businesses which are part of this organization. The store I visited is  Punto Pizzo Free which is a simple yet meaningful place where even the sign plays an important role as it invites passers by to go in. The impression I got was that showing the logo of the association and being part of the group of people fighting mafia is an effective way to motivate consumers and that this idea is just as important as designing stores and personalizing them. In this way “Addio Pizzo” is a unique format that needs to be replicated. Its slogan “Critical purchasing – I pay the ones who do not pay” delivers a message and all the high quality products on display on the shelves of the stores of the organization are part of.

Addio PizzoPhotos by Gabriella Simone

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