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Many of us have realized that the world of Retail is continually and permanently evolving. Expressions like Brand Experience, Window Shopping etc… are commonly used by anybody and in any circumstances. The internet is a good tool we can use to look for and gather information, ask for advice about where to buy things and much more. Companies are now understanding the importance of using new ways of communication and new technologies in order to be visible and to show their products. Have shops really managed to change and reinvent themselves?

Any trip I take, long or short, anywhere I go I usually spend some of my time looking for new shops and commercial areas and I love to have a direct experience of them. After many years working in architectural design and graphics I have learned that first hand experience, talking to and listening to the people I am surrounded by is the key factor to design areas which are more and more focused on the single person and addressed to the needs of the person who is about to make a purchase.

My way of working and communicating gets alive and real through project choices, concept creation and layout development, well thought selection of materials, lights and coordinated images and pictures all of which, in my opinion, is at the heart of any shop or shopping area.

With these ideas in mind I have decided to write and put online – in the near future – some articles on these topics in order to experiment new combinations of materials used, furniture and lights choices.

Shall we start?.

Retail Evolution_slide

Souce: Arch. Gabriella Simone + Studio Bartoli_Architettura e Immagine

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