Technological innovation is becoming more and more part of constructions and building. The first office built with a 3D printer has been realized in Dubai. The building, unique in its type, is made of a special mix of concrete and building materials. The area is approximately 250 square meters and the printer is 6 m tall, 36 m long and 12 m large.

Among the advantages of this solution we can list the reduced time necessary for the construction of 19 days only, an interesting cost management and a positive energy sustainability.
The first 3D Building was done in Dubai. But is Italy ready for this type of innovation? It is confirmed that all  new innovative materials and advanced building technics are opening new scenarios and visions that in the next future will be surely at full disposal of customers and designers, most probably also in Italy.

Dubai 3d Office-1 Dubai 3d Office-2 Dubai 3d Office-4 int Dubai 3d Office-3

Source: Google

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