Shopping in 3D: Makerland, l’innovazione nel carrello


Are you looking for a place where innovation can be easily available for everyone? A place where you can find the right way to give shape to your ideas? A place where fans and experts can share their experience with you? Today this place is available!
At the end of June Makerland opened the doors to a new-concept store developed to combine 2.0 new generation handicraft with innovative technologies and 3D printers.
Makerland is a simple space, conceived in the logic of a ‘large transparent window’ where people are invited to enter and live a full personal experience.
It is furnished with industrial shelves and mdf coloured wood which gives a ‘hot & cold’ welcoming feeling. The floors, the lights and the communication into the store are also very simple, direct, immediate, in ‘web’ style.
The layout is very intuitive, the space is wide and open. Thanks to the possibility to walk around freely through the various sectors the visitor feels very much at ease.
This type of open concept gives the opportunity to use the same spaces for several activities, such as selling, consulting, staff training and education, event managements, which are all fundamental instruments to talk to modern consumers.
We have decided to give some space to Makerland in our website for two reasons mainly. The first one is that this is a very good example of integration between technologies and innovations used into a shopping store – quite a relevant topic for us. The second one is that the real novelty more than in the concept itself can be found in Makerland being positioned into a traditional shopping centre.
The involvement of such a big Large Scale Retail player like Auchan together with some leaders of the technological innovation like Talent Garden, Opendot and Sharazad is showing how also in Italy the traditional shopping spaces are starting to become more and more integrated with technological and experimental experiences!

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Source: Gabriella Simone/Google

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