As a countertrend when considering the current economic climate, the renovation and redevelopment sectors are steadily growing. There are several reasons that can explain this phenomenon and one surely is tax relief as designed to boost economy, another reason is the desire to make sure that the areas we are surrounded by can be beautiful and useful so that they can improve our quality of life. Malls, shopping areas and commercial centers seem to be moving along the same lines and this can be seen by looking at their new, taylor-made projects.

A good example of the sort is “Vision” the new Leroy Merlin concept whose idea is offering a renewed service that can be found within the store and which is designed to meet the needs of private customers. The new layout is both captivating and functional as it puts together and combines the whole idea of DIY, with an area of the store dedicated to house renovation.

The store is divided into sections according to themes and the consumer can easily understand each section by reading the graphic signs made available which are unique and engaging; digital positions within the store, a relaxing area and a bar can also be found within the store. This project is the first example of how stores and malls are reorganizing and rethinking themselves in order to meet the needs of the market and in specific renovation and redevelopment as made by the public, by people.

The future of building, rebuilding and renovation will definitely move more and more through specific stores capable of offering specific services that will give people the chance of getting into a store with an idea for their own home and getting out of the same store with a project and a clear price.

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