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Stand Cartone
When we think of the stores of the future we necessarily think of a modular place: sustainable, in line with the ever changing needs of consumers and also in line with the new trends of the sector. Nowadays when it comes to creating stores the trend is concentrating on stores which are smaller than they...
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Digital Stores
The current market, thanks to the digital era we live in, offers consumers many different ways of shopping. But how does it really work?. Many people have started to visit stores, look at the desired item and then go back home to buy it online where they can find it at a lower price, have more...
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Slide Domino Display
Those of you who regularly read our blog already know how very important digital is for us when it comes to designing new stores. With interactivity it is possible to reach all those people who are always on the look out for information about products and brands. For this reason I find very interesting indeed...
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9minutes app
The retail world is getting closer and closer and ever more entangled with the one of social networks and also its interaction with consumers and shoppers is becoming more and more prominent; with this in mind a new way of communication, a new free app has been created and launched for smartphones (for now available...
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Slide_Store Tecnologico
In some previous articles we talked about what we comes to our minds when we think about the store of the future; we think of a place that can overcome barriers of communication and languages and, by making use of technological solutions, we think of a store that can interact with its consumers in a...
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In the store of the future it is becoming more and more important and predominant the contamimation of spaces: real spaces and virtual ones. From the very early stages of design and planning architects cooperate with experts on communication and experts about anything digital in order to make the place not just a physical one,...
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Slide_Fashion Outlet Chicago
Chicago Fashion Outlets opened a few days ago near the international airport of Chicago, about 50.000 square meters, with more than 130 stores, many of which  luxury brands. Chicago Fashion Outlets is connected to the airport not just via a minibus that transfers people from and to the airport, but also because it is possible...
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Retail Evolution_slide
Many of us have realized that the world of Retail is continually and permanently evolving. Expressions like Brand Experience, Window Shopping etc… are commonly used by anybody and in any circumstances. The internet is a good tool we can use to look for and gather information, ask for advice about where to buy things and...
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Social Network & Retail
My own curiosity and passion naturally lead me to look for new ideas both in design and communication and also lead me to find new commercial areas constatntly evolving. Nowadays technology and Social Networks  make it easier to have a relationship, communicate with each end every of you and find out about your desires which...
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How many times have we heard about “Experiential shopping”? More and more often we happen to find ourselves in department stores which have at their core some kind of paths based on perceptions and feelings, attractive not just for products and brands. These are places where both our minds and our bodies are called in...
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